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Pictures I have taken (mainly)
These are pictures of people i know (and my computer)


My computer (minus about 5 inches from the top)

A picture of Chris looking happy

Another picture of Chris

Dawn and her boyfriend Chris

Dawn on her own

From the bottom these are Lewis, Charlotte, Me, ?, ?, ? , my Aunt Anna, Kathleen, her bf, and my Aunt Margo

From the left they are:- Me, Stuart (my brother), Stuart's gf, the bloomfields and my mum

Dawn and Katie (at Katie's 21st)

Helen - plays pool and drinks - she may do something else but i have yet to see it!

James with a beard

James without his beard

Katie having just left the union on a friday night

Martin and Annabelle

Martin and Jack


Me and Martin (dunno why it has that yellow border)

Me (with green hair) and Matt

Me before Katies 21st

Adam's head

Me at the tender age of 17 before i was corrupted by university life

Moira Koune - fairly good pool player


Me with blue hair

Simon hiding from the camera

Most of Simon's head

Simon's Right Knee

My passport photo - i'm 16 and have suspiciously brown eyes

A particulayr bad picture of lucy but the best one i own